More ideas. More design. More business.

Our job is to ensure your organisation,  services and  products are genuinely different to outdo the competition.  

Our objectives are threefold: 
-  find the big idea that touches a chord with your audiences to grow your business
- develop a visual language that is original and unique in the long run
- simplify the brand language and all support media to ensure impact and memorisation

We are specialists.

Identity is at the heart of what we do. We apply a methodology that relies on strategic analysis  to give us a precise diagnosis, which in turn gives effective solutions. There are two main areas in which we operate:

Product Identity covers logotypes for products, but also the packaging, range creation, an exclusive visual language and the brand universe.

Corporate Identity focuses on an organisational logo and the unique elements that  make up a corporate brand. We analyse graphics, other information and copywriting in unprecedented detail.

We are committed people.

We are 41 design professionals split between two offices in Lille and Paris. We believe in the power of ideas and the ability of design to help our clients reach and surpass their objectives.

We favour an educational approach and easy-going client relationships that allow us to find the right creative solutions that are unique and protectable from an intellectual property perspective. You will appreciate our incisive questions, resourcefulness, high standards, creative daring and our attention to detail.

The agency was founded in 1986 and remains totally independent.
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